Course Outline - Beginners Drawing


On this course drawing for beginners We are going to cover these topics:

1. Pencils types, tonal value ladder. Drawing and shading basic volumes to give 3D form.

2. Shading with hatching cross hatching and drawing textures.

3. How to scale up using a grid.

4. Looking at composition & the spaces between: negative space.

Week 1:

Starter: Putting pencils in order. What do the initials mean? Freehand drawing of straight lines, oblongs, circles & ellipses.

Main: step by step drawing of apples. Line value, tonal shading, adding shadows & highlights.

Homework: draw few random shapes as above freehand and shade with varying tones.

Week 2:

Starter: Draw circles and add hatching & cross hatching followed by shading to show different textures.

Main: copy onion hatching worksheet. Moving onto an observation drawing of two onions & garlic.

Homework: Draw other vegetables using different textures and full tonal ladder.

Week 3:

Starter: how to scale up accurately.

Main: Scale up either horse sculpture photo or face.

Homework: Choose own picture to scale up.

Week 4:

Starter: Seeing patterns and spaces between.

Main: Draw own scale up photo concentrating on the spaces between

Review course

Homework: Draw something of your own choice using scaling up, lines, tone and texture.