Course Outline - How To Draw Your Dog


On this course How to draw your pet
We are going to cover these topics:
1. Composition and negative space to get proportions right.
2. Creating a three dimensional portrait: tonal value, contrast, line quality
3. Colour theory, is white actually white and is black actually black?
4. Final colour pastel drawing: putting it all together.

Week 1:

Starter: What you need from a reference photo.

Main: Sketching: How to approach the layout and composition. What part is nearest to the viewing plane? How to use negative space between features and empty space on the page to get proportions correct. The central line.

Homework: Look through your pet photos to find the best ones using the criteria

Week 2:

Starter: Reminder of how to make an image look more three dimensional using
tonal contrast and blurred or sharp lines.

Main: Using graphite pencil or chalk and charcoal on a mid-tone paper. Draw an
image using contrast and line qualities as discussed.

Homework: Practise spheres of textures: smooth, shiny, furry, soft.

Week 3:

Starter: Intro to colour theory. Cool and warm colours. What is reflected colour. Is white actually white? Is black actually black?

Main: Using second best reference photo.Use week 1 info on composition/placing/tonal value/line and contrast draw a black and white drawing in pastel.Next add colour and blend. Consider warm colours versus cool colours.

Homework: Practise drawing or find best photo for final piece.

Week 4: Final Drawing

Starter: Review important information from three previous weeks

Main: On sugar paper or pastelmat draw final drawing of your pet using chalk

Review course: Photographs.