Course Outline - Watercolours Improvers Course


On this Watercolours Improvers’ course we are going to cover these topics:

1. Botanical style flowers. Tight style like when using gouache.

2. Building up flowers one petal at a time wet in wet style. Using cool colours to show shadow.

3. Totally wet in wet style

4. Using the tight style to bring the focus to the foreground and using wet in wet style for the background to create depth to the picture.

Week 1:

Starter: Worksheet line drawing leaves to fill in. Wet on dry or wet on wet paper.

Main: Using reference photo to develop a botanical style watercolour.

Homework: Use the style to design a stained glass window design.

Week 2:

Starter: Looking t the work of Adisorn Pornsirikarn & Barbara Fox

Main: Rose petal at a time wet in wet

Homework: Rose design line drawing, fill in in the same style learnt today wet in wet.

Week 3:

Starter: Flake advert poppies. Very wet paper drop strong colours in and allow to run.

Main: Sunflowers wet in wet

Homework: Sunflowers by Van Gogh in your style

Week 4:

Starter: Draw flowers & vase

Main: Cut flowers in water in glass vase still life Paint in wet in wet or botanical style to achieve focus and depth

Review course

Homework: Paint still life flowers