Intermediate Watercolour Course Animals & Birds - Booking Deposit 30€

Intermediate Watercolour Course Animals & Birds - Booking Deposit 30€

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Use this payment option to make a deposit of 30€ which is non refundable and will be discounted from the course fee. The remaining fee of 70€ will be due during the first lesson at the Gallery.

Make sure you add your correct email and/or phone number when completing the payment so that Rose can contact you to arrange dates and times. 

Course Details

Venue: Rose Parker Galeria de Arte, Calle Toneleros 19, Puerto de Mazarron.
Length: 4 weekly lessons - 2 hours each (some flexibility with timings).
Cost: 100€ (12.50 per hour) and includes refreshments, cakes and snacks.

Course Summary:

On this intermediate watercolours course we are going to cover or revisit these topics:

1. How to use the wet in wet technique to paint loosely. The effect of salt sprinkled onto wet in wet colours. How to add details with aquadrop pens.

2. The effect of using a water spray onto an image to create a fur effect.

3. How to use thin colour washes of either warm colours or cool to achieve a three dimensional effect and the use of detail in one part of the image.

4. Using the techniques from the previous three lessons to use a photo as a reference to create a loose style watercolour painting.

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