Course Outline - Beginners Watercolour Course


On this beginners watercolours course we are going to cover these topics:

1. How to paint a flat wash, graduated wash and two colour wash. Wet in wet, wet on dry and dry brushwork.

2. How to leave white paper.

3. Wet in wet fish using salt effects and clingfilm.

4. Painting cuboids using washes. Houses in landscapes

Week 1:

Starter: Taping up. Three washes: flat, graduated & two colour

Main: Demo wet in wet trees, hearts, wet on dry with highlights:balloons. Pulling up wet on wet using rigger. Limited palette landscapes.

Homework: grid of own watercolour palette with names. Colour wheel

Week 2:

Starter: Colour theory on different surround. Complementary colours. Different brushstrokes.

Main: Sunset using complementary colours, wax resist, latex resist. How to lift paint using clean damp brush. Discuss tonal ladder contrast and how to make black.

Homework: find fish image

Week 3:

Starter: Wet in wet cockerels, chickens or fish.

Main: Discuss composition. Fish wet in wet, add salt & clingfilm.

Homework: find building in landscape image

Week 4:

Starter: Cuboids with washes.

Main: Using reference photo pint buildings in landscape using washes. Discuss focal point and composition, perspective. How to create the illusion of near and far.

Review course

Homework: Complete landscape with houses