Course Outline - Drawing to Give The Illusion of Three Dimensions


1. Drawing and shading basic volumes to give 3D form.

2. Crating complex shapes

3. Aerial perspective and one point perspective. e.g. in a room or on a road.

4. Two point perspective and 3 point perspective; buildings, landscapes, skyscrapers.

Week 1:

Starter: Worksheet line drawing techniques

Main: Observation drawing of three dimensional shapes: sphere, cone, cylinder, ball, cube, cuboid.

Homework: Either copy sheet with shading given or draw volumes from memory.

Week 2:

Starter: Draw the wire shelf that is just a crate.

Main: Observation drawing of three dimensional shapes: guitar

Homework: Draw a pencil sharpener, jug or teapot.

Week 3:

Starter: What is aerial perspective? Vermeer Dutch artist with floor tiles in one point perspective?

Main: Cuboids in space (optional with curved sections missing) Draw a room in one point perspective.

Homework: Draw a road and some farm buildings in one point perspective.

Week 4:

Starter: Horizon line with two vanishing points.

Main: Draw blocks/ a building with lines going to the two vanishing points. Review course

Homework: Draw a view from the window using perspective.